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Welcome to the eMedia Card Designer Newsletter!

This newsletter provides to you insight and information about your favorite card printer software.

In this issue:


Upgrade to eMedia Card version 6.00

If you currently have a Professional version of eMedia Card Designer v4.0 or v5.0, and want to upgrade to the new amazing version 6, it's possible, and it's free of charge!

Please click here to download an Adobe™ Acrobat™ step-by-step guide that will help you to obtain your free upgrade. Download it, open it, print it, follow it and enjoy!

The demonstration mode

The demonstration mode may be enabled at any time from the "DEMO" button of the top toolbar in design mode. Once enabled, you may test all the software features. Demonstration mode button

To disable this mode, just click again on the "DEMO" button and return to the normal features enabled by your license. This may done at any time.

Enabling this mode allows you to freely test the Professional and Expert versions of the software so you'll be able to check out their functionalities before registering for the corresponding license.

But, the demonstration mode introduces some limitations:

Once you have defined the license type that meets your needs, contact your local reseller for registration.

One installation, 3 kinds of licenses

There are 3 kinds of licenses of eMedia Card Designer, but when you install the software on your computer, the complete set of features is set up. The Activation Key, delivered by our License Server, enables or not these features.

Help menuAt installation time, eMedia Card Designer creates an Installation Key.

Your local reseller delivers you a License Key, which is a "proof of purchase" of one of the licenses.

Open the "Help" menu, and select the "Register your license" command. Follow the steps in the dialog box to ask for your Activation Key.

The keys are sent to our License Server over the internet. This one computes the corresponding Activation Key and send it back to you in an HTML e-mail.

A comparison of the 3 kinds of licenses may be downloaded from our site: just click here for the HTML version or click here for the PDF version.

News from the specialist workshop

Tips about pictures management in eMedia Card Designer.

The size of a saved picture can be defined so only the needed portion is kept. Such cropping of the pictures is the default option, available from the "Images/More options" category of the "Tools.Options" menu command.

Truncate images

When the box is checked, it is possible in Operating mode to crop and zoom the picture. The database record will be saved with the picture that holds these modifications.

Crop & ZoomInput Window

To keep a zoom level, you may set to false the "Auto Zoom" property of the graphic object during the design of the card.

The Webmaster's corner

Introducing with the new version 6 of the software, all information between our servers and you will be delivered by e-mail messages in HTML format. This includes support, informations, license keys and registrations performed by your customers.

So, you must configure your anti-spam software to consider as regular messages those in HTML format in which the "from" field contains "" and sent by our SMTP servers that belong to the "" domain (RDNS must not fail).