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Upgrade to eMedia Card version 6.1 build 650

If you currently have a Professional version of eMedia Card Designer v4.0 or v5.0, please click here to download an Adobe™ Acrobat™ step-by-step guide that will help you to obtain your free upgrade. Download it, open it, print it, follow it and enjoy!

A brand new system for photos acquisition


Currently, you may import pictures from the digital cameras using the Twain or WIA technology. But your digital camera must be provided with a Twain or WIA driver, or you'll have to save the picture from the camera memory card to the local disk and then have to select the file with eMedia.


We have added a feature for picture acquisition. By supervising the contents of a folder, you may now ask eMedia Card Designer to check out for the new picture files that may appear in it, as many digital cameras and webcams are using a folder on the local hard disk to store the pictures acquired.

Now the driver will not be useful anymore!

Consult the online help by pressing the F1 key

Select Options in the Tools menu to enable the folder supervisor

License transfer from a computer to another, or for upgrading

The Activation Key corresponds to your license purchase. It's valid only on the PC on which the eMedia Card Designer installer generated the Installation Key at setup.

To install a new release of eMedia Card Designer, you must uninstall the current version.

Launch from the "Help" menu, the "Migrate your license" command, or simply uninstall the software through the control panel. A Migration Key will is issued and you'll be able the exchange it with a new Activation Key once the new installation performed, using the same process as the one used for the very first installation.


Remember, the F1 key displays the online help.

eMedia Card Designer "Quick Start Guide"

A Quick Start Guide helps you to create your first card templates faster and easier. Download it! in clicking on right button (you'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it).

The Webmaster's corner

Introducing with the new version 6 of the software, all information between our servers and you will be delivered by e-mail messages in HTML format. This includes support, informations, license keys and registrations performed by your customers.

So, you must configure your anti-spam software to consider as regular messages those in HTML format in which the "from" field contains "" and sent by our SMTP servers that belong to the "" domain (RDNS must not fail).