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Comparison of the editions


            Standard Edition     Professional Edition     Expert Edition
32 bits application     Runs under Microsoft™ Windows™ 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista and 7     Yes     Yes     Yes


    Eliminates the need of preview operations     Yes     Yes     Yes
Multi-user     Many users can work on the same data through the network     Yes     Yes     Yes
Task division     The two modes of eMedia (design mode and operating mode) allow users to design cards while other users are editing cards     Yes     Yes     Yes
Password-protected     Passwords prevent the users from modifying

the design of the cards or from using them.

    Yes     Yes     Yes
Multilingual     English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian     Yes     Yes     Yes
Full on-line help     An assistant guides you in your daily activities     Yes     Yes     Yes
Acquisition     Uses standard technologies (Twain™ or WIA), DirectShot™ or the folder supervision     Yes     Yes     Yes
File formats     BMP, JPG, JPEG     Yes     Yes     Yes
Imaging tools     Direct link to your favourite image modification application     Yes     Yes     Yes
Text objects     Uses all Windows fonts. Static and dynamic objects     Yes     Yes     Yes
Barcode objects     21 types included. Static and dynamic objects     Yes     Yes     Yes
Shape objects     Lines, diagonals, Filled and transparent rectangles, circles and ellipses     Yes     Yes     Yes
Front & back     Design of the both sides of the card     Yes     Yes     Yes


    Text and barcode objects can contain a calculation           Yes     Yes
Magnetic strips     ISO and non-ISO 1, 2 and 3 ; JIS Type-II. Eased programmable writing interface     Yes     Yes     Yes
Magnetic strip

data source

    Fixed data, user data, system variables     Yes     Yes     Yes
      Database field contents and computations           Yes     Yes
Smart card


    Through any Smart card application           Yes     Yes
      Internal encoding or reading of the Mifare or 125 KHz RFID cards                 Yes
Smart card

data source

    Fixed data, user data, system variables           Yes     Yes
      Database field contents and computations           Yes     Yes
Standard drivers     Printouts using standard Windows drivers     Yes     Yes     Yes
Selective printouts     Based on SQL command or range of values           Yes     Yes

printing of both sides

    User may print only front or back side     Yes     Yes     Yes
Printing orientation     Different orientations from front to back sides     Yes     Yes     Yes
Microsoft™ Excel™


    Connects to any Microsoft™ Excel™ datasheet     Yes     Yes     Yes


    Connects to any standard database

(Microsoft™ Access, Microsoft™ SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC driven (Microsoft™ Excel, DB2, Sybase, etc))

          Yes     Yes
Data source     Database field values can be used in text, barcode and image objects           Yes     Yes
Image storage     Path to image files acquired stored in database fields           Yes     Yes
Picture functions     Zoom, rotation, cropping included. Direct link to your favorite image processing software     Yes     Yes     Yes
Expressions programming     Wizard provided to create powerful formulas in objects           Yes     Yes
CoolReader™ technology     A database record can be selected by reading the barcode, the magnetic strip or the Mifare serial number of the card           Yes     Yes
COM Server     Easily integrate eMedia in your own applications or documents. Control eMedia from a Microsoft™ Excel worksheet, a Microsoft ™ Access application or an HTML page           Yes     Yes
Plug-ins     Extend the features of eMedia with third-party components           Yes     Yes


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