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Only a design software?


Not Only!!!

eMedia Card Designer is able to help you to create real end-users applications. It include all the needed tools for designing your own application, that fits your day-to-day activities.


Behind the capabilities of simply create platic cards, eMedia Card Designer offers you a way to create and manage a complete process of information management.

To show these capabilities, please take a look to our full-featured samples. These samples may be downloaded for free from the download section of this internet web site. You may use or modify them freely.

This sample demonstrates how eMedia Card Designer can manage the employees of your company. It is able to:

  • Print cards on which the background color depends on the employee's department,

  • Select the employee's job title in a list driven by the database, instead of having to entering it,

  • Select if the employee can use the car park,

  • Give a validity date for temporary employees.

All the entered data will be available into a Microsoft™ Excel™ worksheet.

This sample demonstrates how eMedia Card Designer can fastly manage your students (or club members). It is able to:

  • Select the options from database driven lists (for studies, sports and housing),

  • Compute automatically the recording, printing and validity dates for each student,

  • Display and print different pictures depending on the sport selected.

All the entered data will be available into a Microsoft™ Excel™ worksheet.

This sample demonstrates how eMedia Card Designer can manage the visitors of your company, to have a secure and efficient way to receive them. It is able to:

  • Help the user to retrieve a visitor that came previously,

  • Select the visited person in the list of the company employees,

  • Automatically display and print the employee department and phone number (to tell him the visitor is here),

  • Select a place for the meeting,

  • Store automatically the date and time of the visit, and the number of times the visitor came,

As with the previous samples, all data will be available into a Microsoft™ Excel™ worksheet, including a report containing the list of the visitors currently there.


There are three ways to extend the capabilities of eMedia Card Designer: expressions, plug-ins and COM features. Depending on your development skills and on your needs, you may explore these ways:

You are a card designer, able to create formulas in your favorite spreadsheet?
Learn how expressions may help you.

You have some development skills, able to create simple applications using Microsoft™ Visual Basic™ or Microsoft™ Visual C++™?
Learn how plug-ins may help you.

You are an integrator, wanting to include eMedia Card Designer in your own solution?
Learn how COM features may help you.

These three ways may help you to obtain really intelligent cards, or to use eMedia Card Designer as a card printing tool inside of your own solution.


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