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Different editions for different needs

Four editions of eMedia are provided. Only one installation is needed, and you may upgrade your eMedia simply by entering a combination of characters into a specific dialog-box. This key may be provided to you by your local reseller by fax, e-mail or simply by phone. No hardware device, no wait.

Trial edition Standard edition Professional edition Expert edition
Demonstration mode


If you have installed on a computer one of the editions, the information concerning it is kept even if you uninstall eMedia: if you install again the software on the computer, the licensing information are automatically retrieved from the previous install. This allows you to freely download from this site the new releases of the software and to keep your program up-to-date.


Both the registration and activation keys are specific to a computer to another one. An activation key cannot work on another computer than the one on which you get the registration key.

If you plan to transfer your license from a computer to another one, a migration tool is provided. This tool uninstall the license information from your computer and gives you the ability to obtain, free of any charge, a new activation key for your new computer.

Mediasoft Technologies cannot be asked for a free of charge activation key in case of a hard disk failure. It is your own responsibility to protect yourself. Make a backup of your hard disk after the software installation or upgrade. You can use the Windows tools, or third party tools for this purpose.

Trial edition

You had downloaded eMedia from this internet site, or eMedia has been provided to you bundled with a card printer (excepted the Evolis Pebble and Evolis Dualys printers): you have a Trial edition.

With the Trial edition, you can use freely the software as a Standard version for 30 days. After this period, eMedia prints out on every cards the label "DEMONSTRATION". You must purchase a Standard edition to be able to print out your cards.

Standard edition

You had already a Standard edition and had downloaded an upgrade of eMedia from this internet site, or eMedia has been provided to you bundled with an Evolis Pebble or Evolis Dualys printer: you have a Standard edition.

In Standard edition, you may design and print-out your cards freely. You can also use data from a Microsoft Excel™ datasheet. But you cannot use data from any database, nor insert formulas in objects to perform automatic computations. You cannot use Plug-ins, nor control eMedia from a third-party program.

Demo mode

You have a Trial, Standard or Professional edition: you may try the Professional and Expert editions using the demonstration mode.

In demonstration mode, you can connect to databases, perform automatic computations using formulas in objects, extend eMedia with Plug-ins and control eMedia from another program, but every card printed have a "DEMONSTRATION" label written on it. The demonstration mode allows you to test freely the Professional and Expert editions.

To activate the demonstration mode from a Trial, Standard or Professional edition:

  • Start eMedia
  • Switch to design mode
  • Click on the "Demo" button in the toolbar, and check the box "Enable the demo mode"

"Demo" button

Professional edition

You may upgrade your Trial or Standard edition to the Professional edition. With the Professional edition, you can use all the software functionnalities without restriction, and without the "DEMONSTRATION" label anymore.

You can create cards, print cards, use databases, use automatic computations, extend eMedia with plug-ins, control eMedia from a third party software.

To upgrade into the professional edition, select in the "Help" menu the "Register your license" command. Print the order form, fill-in this form and send it to your local reseller. You will receive an activation key that you will enter in eMedia.

Expert edition

You may upgrade all the previous editions of eMedia Card Designer to the Expert edition. With this one, you'll be able to encode your Mifare Contactless Smart Cards and to read 125 KHz RFID tags.

With eMedia Card Designer, the reading and encoding of Contactless Cards doesn't need anymore a high level of technicity, but some technical knowledge must be present. But, as reading or encoding Contactless Cards can only be performed for specific applications, please feel free to contact us for more information, or for validation needs.



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