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Mediasoft Technologies announces the release of the version 5.0 of eMedia Card Designer


Paris, France - May 28, 2003 - Mediasoft Technologies SARL releases today the new version of its card designing and printing software, eMedia Card Designer.

After four months of development, and three months of testing, the new version of the application contains an impressive quantity of new features and a improved user interface.

The knowledge of the users of the previous version 4.2 will not be lost, as the new interface is similar to their current view. The visual aspect of the commands has been improved, the menus have been redefined to make the software more friendly, but the software stays basically the same: eMedia keeps its two utilization modes, as it does for the windows and toolbars, for the users convenience.

The purpose of this new version is to make the software more friendly, enhance the features brought by the technologies evolutions, including the capacities of magnetic and electric encoding, and the availability of the double-side printing. Also, the database management has been reviewed and enhanced to try to avoid the restrictions due to the drivers.

eMedia Card Designer is now one of the most friendly to use software for card design and printing, and is the only one which offers a full integration with the companies applications: corporate database connection, ability to be controlled by scripts, desktop applications or corporate applications written in C, C++ or Visual Basic.

eMedia Card Designer can print on every normalized cards CR-79, CR-80 and CR-90, using standard Windows drivers. eMedia can perform by itself the encoding of the ISO-1, 2 and 3 magnetic strips, JIS Type-II magnetic strip, and can encode the smart card and contactless card using third-party software using common communication interfaces.

To enhance power and flexibility in creating cards, eMedia Card Designer is the only software of its category that includes an full expressions evaluator. This one computes "Just-in-time" results from formulas. A full set of functions help the designer to compute from numbers, dates or strings. The expression language, very near of the Visual Basic for Applications language, offers to the card designer a powerful tool to personalize automatically the cards.

A new reinstallation tool helps the user to transfer the professional version of the software on the computer he wants, using a very simple procedure.


The new features include:

A new user interface

The new user interface, more intuitive, uses better texts and images for the user convenience. The menus have been reorganized to enhance the understanding of the functions. The redesigned dialog-boxes offer more help to the user for its convenience and to explain their purpose. The new Wizard help the user to execute simply some difficult tasks.

Enhanced encoding capabilities

eMedia 5.0 adds the ability to encode the contactless cards and the JIS Type-II magnetic strip. A new wizard helps the user to define the magnetic strip contents in a simple way. The verification functions have been improved: the filtering functions avoid the invalid values encoding.

Improved database support

The eMedia develoment team has modified the software to reinforce the databases support, espacially concerning the Oracle™, IBM™ DB2™ and Microsoft™ Excel™ databases, eliminating all defaults signaled by the users. Due to users requests, the database preview is now available in desing mode, and the connection wizard offers new functionnalities such as the ability to lock fields in read-only mode, or the capability to use the whole database in read-only mode.

Enhanced dialog

New card objects properties offer a better communication between the users in operating mode and the software, by giving him more help. The language support has been improved: eMedia is now available in six languages, and a language pack SDK is now available, so users can add their locale language to the software. And users can now change the software language without restarting the application.

More security

The card designer can now define a password that prevent unauthorized users to open cards. This has been added to the protection of the card design in the previous versions of the software. While accessing databases, the users may now have read-only rights on database fields, avoiding by this way the ability to change strategic fields.

Monochrome and pre-printed cards support

eMedia 5.0 offers a new function that permit to display the printed card, even if the card is printed with a one-color ribbon or on a pre-printed basis. eMedia supports a background bitmap the card designer can define, which will represent the pre-printed part of the card.




Mediasoft Technologies has been founded in 1990 by three computer engineers that were involved in new technologies development. The domains covered by the company are development, consulting and education. The company domains of competence covers the software and systems interconnection, network management, client-server software development and internet/intranet development. The company is a branch of the AGD Technologies group.

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