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The new version of the eMedia Card Designer internet site is launched today.


Paris, France - June 1, 2003 - Mediasoft Technologies launches today the new version of the internet site dedicated to its card designing and printing product, eMedia Card Designer.

The new internet site will federate the existing sites dedicated to the software: public site for users, extranet for distributors and resellers, intranet for development management. If the complete functionnalities of the site will be launched in the next weeks, the public part is already available.

The internet site offers right now the ability to download the new versions, the access to the technical support, including technical notes, error reporting and development reporting, and offers also a users club to enhance the contact between users, support staff, and to share experiences and tips and tricks.

In the next weeks, the current resellers site will be added to the internet site, to help the resellers to activate the customers software and to browse the databases. The resellers site is now located on the servers of the Suptel company, a branch of Mediasoft Technologies.

The opening of the internet site is included in a more global company strategy, to enhance the contact between the technical and marketing teams and the customers.




Mediasoft Technologies has been founded in 1990 by three computer engineers that were involved in new technologies development. The domains covered by the company are development, consulting and education. The company domains of competence covers the software and systems interconnection, network management, client-server software development and internet/intranet development. The company is a branch of the AGD Technologies group.

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