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Mediasoft Technologies announces the release of the version 6.0 of eMedia Card Designer


Paris, France - October 10, 2005 - Mediasoft Technologies SARL releases today the new version of eMedia Card Designer, its cards designing and printing software.

This new release is much more than an enhanced release. The new version 6.0 contains lots of new features, and a complete transformation of large parts of code.

The printing processor was rewritten in order to enhance the printing quality speed, managing the new features of the printers.

In its Expert version, eMedia Card Designer allows now the user to encode Mifare contactless cards, using sophisticated internal algorithms. The user interface was designed with specialists of the human interface, so the programming of the Mifare cards will be as easy as possible.

If the user interface has not been modified, many features and wizards have been added to simplify the card designer tasks. The two usage modes has been kepts, as were the main windows and toolbars. In addition, a special effort was made on the visual design of the dialog boxes.

The database interface engine was rewritten to incorporate in it the new capabilities of the modern DBMS. In addition, it's now possible for the card designer that doesn't have any database to create one, compatible with the market standards.

The purpose of this new release is also to enhance the friendship between the software and the user, and to allow him to access to the technological enhancement of the card printers, including the encoding capabilities, the support of the duplex printing and the support of multiple printouts per page.

eMedia Card Designer is now one of the most friendly to use software for card design and printing, and is the only one which offers a full integration with the companies applications: corporate database connection, ability to be controlled by scripts, desktop applications or corporate applications written in C, C++ or Visual Basic.

eMedia Card Designer can print on every normalized cards CR-79, CR-80 and CR-90, using standard Windows drivers. eMedia can perform by itself the encoding of the ISO-1, 2 and 3 and non-ISO magnetic strips, or JIS Type-II magnetic strip.

To enhance power and flexibility in creating cards, eMedia Card Designer is the only software of its category that includes an full expression evaluator. This one computes "Just-in-time" results from formulas. A full set of functions help the designer to compute from numbers, dates or strings. The expression language, very near of the Visual Basic for Applications language, offers to the card designer a powerful tool to personalize automatically the cards.

Simplicity can also be found in licensing. The way the licenses are delivered to the users has been redesigned, and the data transmission between the software and the license servers are now based upon the http protocol on the internet. The activation keys are sent by e-mail, allowing the user to keep a written document.



Mediasoft Technologies has been founded in 1990 by three computer engineers that were involved in new technologies development. The domains covered by the company are development, consulting and education. The company domains of competence covers the software and systems interconnection, network management, client-server software development and internet/intranet development. The company is a branch of the AGD Technologies group.

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